Grader Blade

The “El Leon” Hydraulic Grader Blade is of the great help in work, both in agricultural and construction sectors, through the forest area.

Some of the jobs for wich it is very useful are: lling of ditches, land leveling, repair of roads & gutters, cleaning farms, work of channeling, snowplow and more.

Depending on the work to be carried out, the Hydraulic Grader Balde “El Leon”, can be hooked where it is most convenient, either in the front hitch or in the third point of the tractor.


Possibility of mounting a piloted non-return valve

Blade width (mm)1800220026003000
Blade twist (every 22,5º)360º360º360º360º
Blade displacement (on each side)25º25º25º25º
Blade vertical drop (on each side)20º20º20º20º
Blade vertical drop (on each side)663691719747

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